Spa Pavillon Indochine Hotel Siem Reap
Spa - Pavillon Indochine Hotel Siem Reap
Spa - Pavillon Indochine Hotel Siem Reap

Massage at Pavillon Indochine hotel

We propose foot massage, back and shoulder massage, Khmer traditional massage, aromatherapy massage (our favourite) by professionnal masseuses. Our aim is to provide good quality massages at very reasonnable prices

Our Spa is open every day from 12noon to 10pm

1. Traditional Khmer Massage (60mn) 8$ / (90mn) 12$

A relaxing treat, traditional Khmer massage is based upon the concept of meridians or invisible lines of energy running along the body. During the massage the therapist relieves tension by applying pressure to key points along the meridians.
Traditional Khmer massage is ideal for easing sore muscles and for restoring proper blood circulation.

2. Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage (60mn) 12$ / (90mn) 17$ / (120mn) 22$

A soothing experience for body and mind. Essential plant oil are blended and used to relieve discomfort and to trigger the healing process. Aromatherapy massage calms the central nervous system and activates the body’s nerve endings.

3. Chaka Head and Shoulder Massage (30mn) 5$

This massage indulges your head, neck and shoulder in a luxurious and lavish treat. The chakra and shoulder massage balances your body, mind and spirit as it relieves tired muscles and nervous tension.

4. Ultime Back Massage (30mn) 5$

A concentrated 30 minutes massage focusing on your back, shoulder, face and head. Special massage techniques are used to relax and re-energizing while adressing specific areas of stress and fatigue.

5. Soulfoul Foot Massage (30mn) 5$ / (60mn) 8$

This gentle massage concentrates on the soles of the feet yet restores harmony to the entire body. A peaceful leg massage is included to promote relaxation and wellness.

6. Mekong Massage (90mn) 16$

This special massage combines 30 minutes of soulfoul foot massage and one hour of relaxing aromatherapy massage.

7. Pavillon Indochine Massage (90mn) 16$

 This special massage combines 30 mn of traditional Khmer massage and one hour of relaxing aromatherapy massage.