Cancellation Policy Cancellation Policy

You must provide 7 days’ notice in writing if you are unable to attend the program date you have been booked into. Cancellation between 20 and 7 days of your program start date will result in you forfeiting 50% of your total program value. Cancellation less than 7 days in advance will result in nil refund. Pavillon Indochine in association with JFC fitness program

reserves the right to cancel your position in the program at any time should management deem necessary. Any client who cancels their program once it has commenced, either through their own circumstances or under instructions from Pavillon Indochine in association with JFC fitness program, is subject to a strictly nil refund policy without exception. 

Re-Schedule Booking Policy

You can reschedule your stay up to 7 days before your retreat is due to commence with a fee of £300. No changes can be made within 7 days of your retreat commencing. If you decide to reschedule your retreat but are not sure of the new start date you are able to place your program on “hold” for 6 months. Once the 6 months has passed you will forfeit any monies paid. All booking’s are subject to availability. Program Attendance Policy Due to the structure of our sessions it is vital that you do not miss any day or part of your program. If for any reason while on the program you are unable to attend any day or part of a day, we are unable to refund or reschedule any sessions that you miss. 

Client Behavior Policy

Smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs and/or substances are not permitted while attending the Pavillon Indochine in association with JFC fitness program at any time. The client is responsible for disclosing any prescription medication they intend to bring with them and is subject to approval by Pavillon Indochine in association with JFC fitness program. Guests are to respect the privacy of other guests by entering only the room/suite allocated to them. Obscene and abusive anguage will not be tolerated and all guests deserve to be treated with respect. For the safety of all guests, any guest found using intimidating or busive language or behavior will be asked to leave the program and will be subject to our normal cancellation policy above. Only Pavillon ndochine in association with JFC fitness program retreat clients who have paid for the program & accommodation are permitted stay overnight in the accommodation. Visitors must be pre-arranged with Pavillon Indochine in association with JFC fitness program. 

Clients are also responsible for settlement of any amounts charged to their room during their stay directly to PAVILLON INDOCHINE HOTEL. Each client will be responsible for all additional services such as phone calls, and other services (outside of the program content). Individual client accounts will need to be finalized prior to or at departure. 

By booking a program with Pavillon Indochine in association with JFC fitness program. You certify that You are 18 years or older and have read these Terms and Conditions and fully understand it OR as a parent or guardian of the participant. You agree to the above for yourself nd on behalf of the participant and will indemnify and will keep indemnified any person or body directly or indirectly associated with the conduct of the activity on the terms referred to.