One Day Tour


  • Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple 
  • Picnic Breakfast by the Temples
  • Bayon Temple
  • Elephants Terrace 
  • Lunch at Pavillon 
  • Ta Phom Temples
  • Banteay Kadeay Temples
  • All Temple visits will be with our experienced guide and Tuk Tuk driver


A cool pre-dawn Tuk Tuk ride will take you and your guide into Angkor Park to be able to see the sunrise over the towers of the world’s largest religious monument Angkor Wat. Your guide will provide you with an enriched understanding of both the Temple origins and offer a unique insight into Temple life. 

You will then ride to the temple of Angkor Thon and Bayon. Bayon was the capital for the greatest Angkorian King of all Jayavarman VII, and his likeness looks down on you from the towers that top the temple. Most fascinating of all are the reliefs carved on the outer walls which tell of the battles both victories and defeats of his Empire and shed light on the daily lives of his people.

You will then return to the Pavillon and enjoy some lunch and also some quiet pool time, before returning in the afternoon with your guide for a visit to Ta Prohm, iconic and overrun with tree roots. Here your guide will once again walk with you, giving history and understanding, and providing time for you to capture your picture-perfect memories. 

Based On : 2 People.

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