Explore and Discover 3 Days Itinerary


Morning: South gate of Angkor Thom, Bayon, Baphuon, Terrace of Elephants, Terrace of Lepper King
Afternoon: Preah Pithu Group, Banteay Prei, Prasat Prei and Preah Khan entering the North gate exiting the West gate


Morning visit

  • The South Gate of Angkor Thom: The South Gate within the Angkor Thom complex, was built by Jayavarman VII at the end of XII century. The Angkor Thom complex has a total of 5 gates and the South Gate is viewed as the finest and most preserved.
  • Bayon Temple: The Bayon temple was built in the centre of the city of Angkor Thom. The temples 177 faces are believed to represent either the Buddha or King Javavarman VII.
  • Baphuon Temple
  • Terrace of Elephants and Lepper King: The Terrace of Elephants & Terrace of Lepper King are the terraces where the royal ceremonies took place. It was here that the ruling King sat to listen to the grievance of his subjects.

Afternoon visitThe Preah Pithu Temple group. The group of Preah Pithu Temples includes a set of five temples built between the XII century and XIII century.

  • Temple Banteay Prei
  • Temple Prasat Prei
  • Preah Khan Temple
  • Ta Prohm Temple


Morning: Angkor Wat East Gate, Banteay Kdei West gate and Sras Srang lake
Afternoon: Ta Prohm East Gate & West gate, Ta Nei


Morning visit

  • The Angkor Wat Temple complex
  • Temple Banteay Kdey
  • Temple Sras Srang

Afternoon visit:

  • Ta Prohm Temple: ‘Tomb Raider’ Temple.
  • The Ta Nei Temple


Morning: Banteay Srey and Banteay Samre
Afternoon:  East Mebon and Pre Rup


Morning visit

  • Banteay Srey temple: Banteay Srey temple the jewel of the Khmer Empire small but an exquisite temple. The journey to Banteay Srey offers guest an opportunity to see the surrounding area of Siem Reap passing through many local villages and countryside. 

Afternoon visit

  • East Mebon temple 
  • Pre Rup Temple

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Included Not Included
  • Transportation by air-conditioned car during around Bantey Srei, Tonle Sap lake, Siem Reap town and Artisans Angkor
  • Free Tuk Tuk transport to town in the evening (one way only)
  • Pick up and Drop off at Airport.
  • 30mn of traditional Khmer massage for each up to 2 guests
  • Temple pass 72 USD/ person for 3 days
  • English speaking guide (45 USD per day)
  • Food and beverage (breakfast is the only meal included)
  • Boat tour

*Please note only Angkor Wat temple and Sras Srang are open for Sunrise visits. All other temples open at 7.30am.